Thirteen Sad Farewells with Passenger on Primrose Hill in London for WONDERLAND SESSIONS :)

Anonymous: I think the top Passenger twitter accounts are NoMikeity, dowhatyoumike and rosenbergswife

Oh!! Thank you a lot for the information!!☺☺☺  ^^^^^^^^

Anonymous: actually scratch that i can't find any sorry

Oooh! Hahahaha, just saw this. Don’t worry!! ☺

Anonymous: just search 'passenger updates' or something and you'll find a couple of good accounts i think

^Yay thanks!!!

fallloutdallon: Well there is his actual twitter account but if you mean like fan accounts then there's not many

Oh, that sucks, I wish there were more :/ . But anyway, thank you very much fro the information!!

Artist: UnknownPassenger (COVER)
Title: UnknownI'm On Fire
Album: Unknown
Plays: 732
Anonymous: Hi, are there any active Passenger updates accs on Twitter?

I don’t really now. I’m not on the twitter side of Mike’s fandom, sorry! Maybe anyone knows??

Anonymous: Juli! No puedo entrar a ed-kward! Cambiaste el url o algo?

Uh! Mil perdones boluda! Sí sí, lo cambié a Sheerioin, fijate. Tipo, no sé si mi hermana y un par de amigos saben y nada, estoy re re RE paranoica, y lo cambié a ese, jé. En serio perdón!  IGual noc reo que sea por mucho tiempo ☺