Anonymous: actually scratch that i can't find any sorry

Oooh! Hahahaha, just saw this. Don’t worry!! ☺

Anonymous: just search 'passenger updates' or something and you'll find a couple of good accounts i think

^Yay thanks!!!

dallonthewolf: Well there is his actual twitter account but if you mean like fan accounts then there's not many

Oh, that sucks, I wish there were more :/ . But anyway, thank you very much fro the information!!

Artist: UnknownPassenger (COVER)
Title: UnknownI'm On Fire
Album: Unknown
Plays: 500
Anonymous: Hi, are there any active Passenger updates accs on Twitter?

I don’t really now. I’m not on the twitter side of Mike’s fandom, sorry! Maybe anyone knows??

Anonymous: Juli! No puedo entrar a ed-kward! Cambiaste el url o algo?

Uh! Mil perdones boluda! Sí sí, lo cambié a Sheerioin, fijate. Tipo, no sé si mi hermana y un par de amigos saben y nada, estoy re re RE paranoica, y lo cambié a ese, jé. En serio perdón!  IGual noc reo que sea por mucho tiempo ☺

Anonymous: do you know where this is from? (yourtumblr)/post/58288454007

Hmmm, I made that almost a year ago. I’ll try to find it on youtube. f I do, Ill reblog thi wit the link! Sorry

Anonymous: I love this page so much you don't even know. Passenger has made me a happier person. He inspired me to come out and play music for people when I was terrified to, and now everyone can here my voice through my music. Also he's helped me get through some of the hardest times of my entire life. he's such an inspiration to me so thank you so much for making this page.

Oh, really? I’m glad you can be happier through Mike. He has helped a lot of people with his music, includding me, and this is kind of my way to say thanks to him. And the fact that othe people like you can feel related with him, and like him as much as I do, and enjoy this blog makes me feel very happy. You’re welcome sweetheart ☺

whosaysyoucannotbehappy: Hey.. what is the name of Passenger's fandom?? I just linstened to his songs, and I'm in love with them.. so if he has a fandom I want to join in.. ;)

There’s no like an official name. But ‘Passengers’ is the most common ☺

And welcome to the fandom!!